Who Is High Risk For Malaria Deaths

Who Is High Risk For Malaria Deaths

Number 1:
The poor (60% of deaths from malaria worldwide occur in the poorest 20% of the population, due to lack of access to effective treatment).

Number 2:
Young children and infants.

Number 3:
Pregnant women (especially primigravidae).

Number 4:
Elderly people.

Number 5:
Unaware of malaria groups - people who do not recognize the symptoms.
(eg, travellers, foreign workers).

The risk of contracting malaria in travellers is proportional to the number of potentially infectious mosquito bites they receive.

Therefore, risk factors for malaria in travellers include:

  • Travel to areas of high humidity and ambient temperature between 20-30°C (there is no malarial transmission200 m above sea level).
  • Travel at times of high seasonal rainfall.
  • Visits to rural locations (the risk of contracting malaria in African villages is eight times that in its urban areas).
  • Staying in cheap backpacker accommodation.
  • Being outdoors between dusk and dawn.
  • Longer durations of travel.

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