Where Is Kara, Togo? We Have Maps for You

Kara, Togo, is one of my Top 5 places to live on planet. Kara is safe, fun and cultural magic. Here are maps to Kara, Togo, to help you come visit me.

Avoiding Africa is silly. The media is lying about Africa to make money. It is time you get off your butt and come to Africa. Learn for yourself why many expats choose to live in Togo, West Africa.

It truly is one of the safest, funnest and culturally intriguing places on the planet. Kara, Togo, reminds me of how South America was 15 years ago, just too much fun.

I am Andy Lee Graham, and after 15 years of continuous world travel, and having lived in 90 countries, I have decided that Kara, Togo, will be one of my five retirement cities. It is one of my Top 5 places to live and die in on the planet. After visiting thousands of cities on the planet, I am saying, this one is in the Top 5 of my favorites.

Soon, I will rent an apartment in Kara, Togo, for 50 USD per month. For that price, that I can get two bedrooms, a kitchen and probably a garage. Only 600 USD per year and I am in cultural paradise. This will be No. 1 of 4-8 locations I continue to visit until I die at age 95. (I have another 37 years to go.)

Welcome to Kara, Togo, West Africa, my "home, away from home." Here are maps to help you come visit me, and as a benefit, work to save babies from dying of malaria.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham
Togo cell phone: +228 9294 0714


Kara Togo West Africa Map


Kara Region Togo 





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I remember Kara well - there is a nice hotel with a swimming pool to hang around in. A retired French couple has a terrific restaurant just a couple of minutes walk from the center. An interesting market and not as hot as the coast.

A full days journey by bus from the capital, though!

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