We Can Stop Asking People To Do More

The Design Council in London, England studies behavioral change, and a great article points out, asking people to do more work normally fails.

I always enjoy advice from friends on how to lose weight, my skinny friends say,
And I reply,
“Eating less require less work.”

two hours of walking

It takes two hours of walking to burn off the calories in that one Starbucks drink, not drinking it is the other option.

Why does everyone want us to do more work? The new buzzword bingo word is “Lifestyle Coach.” We can hire, pay a person to give us continuous pep talks.

Stop asking people do do more

Hehehe LOL (Laugh Out Loud.)

We are here in West Africa hoping to eradicate malaria in Kara, Togo. The people of Kara are not rich, they are simple folk, they live day to day, and here comes a group of people saying,
"We want you to sleep under a mosquito net."
"Here is a free bed net, set it up in you home, you will need a hammer, nails, and some rope that is not included." 

"We know it is hot sleeping under a mosquito net."
"We know you will have to put it down, and take it up every day of your life."

"Yes, that is right, we want you to do more work, not less."

Alternative Solution?

"Can we have permission to come over to your home to install screens on your windows the same as the USA people?"

One solution is sustainable, the other solution is just requiring more work from poor people, not less. We can stop requiring people do more work in life, as if we need to make them smarter like us, this is rather stupid on our part.

Are you working for an NGO / ONG?

Here is an interesting, but insightful article to read:

Treat behaviour change like a zero-sum game.

Photos We Can Stop Asking People To Do More

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