Volunteer To Start Tax Exempt Corporation To Accept Donations For The Business Of Stopping Malaria

We are starting small subsidized businesses, using the economies of scale, modern tech, starting anti-malaria stores. we need a 501C started.


Malaria is a business, the stakeholders are often the government, pharmaceuticals companies, hospitals, and pharmacies. These are the stakeholders that will go out of business if malaria is eradicated in Togo.

Therefore, we are starting small business venture, subsidized by donations, that able the locals to fight malaria. We are going to sell them the tools, at small profit, so the local vendors will help us sell.

We are starting, Not In My Back Yard, meaning we define a neighborhood to eradicate malaria, and expand strategically keeping areas safe zones, until we cover the country, and continent. we run this like a business, no games, and no white Toyota Land Rovers, with a snorkel.

We need a 501C, or something like that corporation inside the USA, so we can have large donors like corporations get the tax write off, and therefore donate.


Malaria Net for Babies

For example, this net is already sold in Togo, we are going to sell products that the locals have already adopted. These products are normally purchased by men, flying to Dubai, Hong Kong, and buy them, and carrying them on planes to Togo, and selling them in small lots at the Grand Marche in Lome.

We would buy them by the 1000's, and sell them for 50 cents, making the business super profitable for the local shops who could then sell for 1 dollar.

We can set up small stores, where all the products needed to protect ones self against malaria, or paludisme as them say in French, can be purchased for 25 percent less than wholesale at retail prices, making the business of malaria profitable for a store manager.

We make sure they stay over-supplied, no inventory shortages, and the supply chain intact using modern technological skills, not used in Togo.

But, we need a person, probably an accountant, or attorney inside the USA to help set up the corporation for free, as his, or her donation. Then monitor, it would be good to have both an accountant, and a lawyer, somehow working with a banker to set up the trust accounts, and accounting systems.

We would all the accounting done online, transparent, and anyone can inspect the profits, and contribute. Each donation and expenditure can be monitored at the wholesale level online.

Thanks for volunteering.


Andy Lee Graham
9545 West 120 Number 26
Orland, Indiana 46776

USA number that rings on Skype in Togo 1-260-624-4414
"LET RING 15 times, it take 8 rings before it even starts to ring here on computer, and leave message." 

Togocel number that rings on my cell phone I carry. +228-93765434

We could use some seed money, some angel money to super charge this organization subsidizing business to stop the business of Malaria.


PLEASE, I am 100 percent aware of Bill Gates, and by the time I applied, did all the paper work, etc, dealt with he fame, I could earn the money myself. If someone wants to volunteer to find Bill, and ask him, you are welcome to volunteer for this daunting task.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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