Volunteer To Help Us Buy Baby Anti Malaria Mosquito Net Tents From China

Mosquito Net for Baby

This is a type of mosquito net for babies, that is already accepted, and sold in Togo, West Africa. They are hand carried from Dubai, Hong Kong to Lome, Togo, then sold to local vendors who buy one or two, and put a big markup on them.

If we buy them at 2 dollars, get them subsidized by donations, we can sell them to local vendors at 50 cents, making a great market, and an over-supply. People will buy these at 1000 CFA, about 1.25 all day long for their babies. The problem is they will not buy at the present 5 dollars.

Please note, to buy a full size mosquito net for a double bed is about 10 dollars, the same as it cost to rent a room for one month. The locals do not buy often, too expensive, and screens on windows are better, cooler, etc.

This tent is for at night, while they baby is lying around, and the mother is selling fried foods in the street.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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