Using Jealousy to Change People

Walk outside your door, look around at your neighbors, what is easier to find, we want the answer to be love, but jealousy is on every street corner?


Only a fool would deny the power of jealousy, without it, Apple Computers, Mercedes Cars, and Rolex watches would go out of business in one day.

Do you admire the people in the first class seats, or are you jealous?

My teachers used to call it "Healthy Competition."

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Encouraging and inciting jealousy and envy seems to be a key part of many advertising campaigns.

What is the difference between healthy competition and unhealthy competition?

Difficult question?

Researchers have figured out the two kinds of envy,benign and malicious:

The researchers made some important discoveries about the motivations that result from different kinds of envy. Note that two types of envy exist: benign and malicious envy, the authors explain. Benign envy exists if the advantage of the other person is deserved, and motivates people to attain a coveted good or position for themselves. This more motivating type of envy makes people pay an envy premium for the products that elicited their envy. On the other hand, malicious envy occurs if the other person is thought to be undeserving it evokes a desire to pull down the other person.

Moving the price point:

People are willing to pay more for products that elicit their envy -- but thats only when they are motivated by a positive, benign form of envy, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.
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Our studies showed that people who had been made envious of someone who owned an iPhone were willing to pay 80 Euros more on average, write authors Niels van de Ven, Marcel Zeelenberg, and Rik Pieters (Tilburg University). Ibid.

Healthy competition and unhealthy competition must have similar underpinnings. Im thinking the Karate Kid movies. LOL


Sorry, forgot the in the ed passages above.

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