Comical Failure To Malaria Trash Management Experiment 1

We conducted an anti-malaria experiment in Kara, Togo December 28, 2013, and the reasons for failure are hilarious.


We conducted an experiment in Kara, Togo December 28, 2013, and the reasons for failure are hilarious.

Trash Dams

After weeks of observations, study, and questioning, we finally started an experiment to solve one of the root causes of malaria here in Kara. Togo. We decided that single use plastic shopping bags are clogging all the waterways of Kara, Togo, therefore the water stops flowing, puddles, and the mosquitoes have standing water to lay eggs.

There are two primary ways to kill mosquitoes:

1. Insecticides sprayings of air of adult mosquitoes.

2. Larvicide’s of standing water, killing the mosquito eggs, or larva.

It is 50 times easier to manage the waterways, then the air, therefore the most effective method of stopping mosquitoes is to standing water the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

In Kara, Togo the plastic single use plastic bags have created trash dams in all the waterways. Therefore, we started a small neighborhood experiment to help the residences burn the trash.

Trash Management

We believe that to have sustainable develpment, we must continually test new ideas and strategies, and failure is proof we are working at solving problems related to malaria. 

Sadly, if feels that the primary goal of most anti-malaria projects is the collection of money.


Andy Graham

Failure number one, we have two more experiments in the works.

Photos Comical Failure To Malaria Trash Management Experiment 1

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Comments 4


I commend you on your efforts Andy. To get to the root of the problem you have to start where the problems is, the bottom of the heap. When politicians try to solve a problem, they have good intentions but the money gets perverted and nothing in the end, worthwhile, happens.

What really needs to happen is to get into everybodys heads that littering is the problem. Remember back in the 60s here stateside we had similar issues, maybe not to their extreme with littering. LadyBird Johnson came out with her beautify America campaign and coined the litterbug name.

It will take a change of attitude to really clean things up. Start with putting out trash cans. It always irritates me when I am in a third world country and I have a water bottle to dispose of. I find it shocking how long I have to carry it to properly dispose of it. The locals however will drop something on the ground in the middle of a huge crowd with no embarrassment.

Myself, I wont throw a gum wrapper out, not that it was always that way. That is a learned behavior that started when I was a youngster with my parents (along with the LadyBird Johnson campaign) to beautify the roadways.

Nowadays you see trash along the roads stateside, but nothing like it was 50 years ago. In this day and age that trash can be easily picked up once or twice a year and everything stays clean more or less. We also have individuals and groups that keep areas litter free along with simple peer pressure

You are the tip of the iceberg Andy, keep up the good work and good luck


Keep it simple. Low cost community based clinics in Ethiopa are keeping mortality rate of children born in Ethiopia way down since they were instituted in 1990, no big NGOs, no Do Gooders riding around in SUVs with free housing and salary, no glassy eyed volunteers in granny dresses saving the world, just Africans themselves Problem here in Central America, usually from August to November, end of rainy season is Dengue Fever, Malaria limited to very remote low lying areas, Had Dengue in 1988 in Honduras. Check the Search Engines for a good solution not too toxic that kills larvae in the water. Good Luck, when you succeed in wiping out Malaria you get an SUV and free 2 BR Apartment of your choice!!!!!! A suggestion register on as Director, your non profit will appear on Idealist worldwide in several languages, volunteers always want to do something.


a simple solution (that many wont like) to low lying water areas is simply to pour a quart of diesel fuel on the water. a little goes a long ways and will kill the larvae


Next experiment is this, we will put up U shaped concrete burn areas. This will allow the pigs, goats, and chickens to scrounge around. Sadly, these animals are always in the trash eating. But a U shaped concrete cement area will not be stolen. I am now debating about whether to use cement blocks, or to have it pre-cast, something we can move?

The diesel fuel is a good idea, but first will try the NEEM Tree, there are leaves, when dried, that sprinkled on the water are supposed to kill larvae. I am trying to map out all the waterways in Kara, there are so many ditches, but most are dry except for puddles.

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