Social Scientist Approved Malaria Sentences Words Slogans Mottoes

These are sentences, words, slogans, and mottoes that we at Malaria NIMBY need to approve, or disapprove.

We, as social scientists know how we frame words changes the world.


We phrases


1. Le palu a fuit Kara! / The palu has flees Kara!

2. Kara a gagné la lutte avec palu! / Kara gained the fight with palu!

3. (en raison du sport de lutte des Kabiens) / (because of the sport of fight of Kabiens)

4. The palu, too small for Kara! / Le palu, trop petit pour Kara!

En Mina:

1. atikéssi mé galé kara / atikéssi me scale will kara 

En Gourma:

1. Dapaon fiba gbéne kara ou fiba est la maladie / Dapaon fiba gbéne will kara or fiba is well the disease



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