20 Small Business Startups For Malaria Eradication

Over 10 billion dollars is made with malaria related businesses per year, and another 100 billion is left of the table, easy money for business start ups.

"The pharmaceutical companies making malaria medicines are doomed, they need to increase their sales before malaria is eradicated from the planet as prevention of malaria business ventures capture their profits."
- Andy Lee Graham 

Small Business Startups

Small Business Startups for Malaria Eradication

"In 2010, there were about 219 million malaria cases, ...
and an estimated 660 000 malaria deaths."
WHO - World Health Organization

219,000,000 X 30 Dollars
(The cost of medicines, labs, bed nets, window screens, etc.)
= 6,5 Billion Dollars

Malaria is a 10 billion dollars per year world business.

And another 100 billions in profits left of the table.

Intuitively, we can easily see that large pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and many Non Governmental Organization will lose billions of dollars when malaria ends. Malaria jobs will be lost, however 100 billions dollars in new ones jobs will take their place, the prevention of malaria will soon win business of malaria.

The Two Types of Malaria Related businesses:

1. Reactive to Malaria: This is the sales of malaria treatments, malaria serums, laboratory tests, and other cures for malaria.
There are over 13 cures for malaria. 

2. Preventing Malaria: Window screens, screen doors, baby bed nets. house modifications, water management systems, etc.

Generally malaria related business are searching for government contracts, or want to sell bed nets to United Nations organizations.

You can just here them celebrating,
"Our company got a huge government contract." 

However, there is obviously another 100 billion dollars to be made by small business startups for malaria eradication.

Presently, in Kara, Togo, when any of these jobs need done, one must search around, ask friends, and try to get a friend who works side jobs to come help out.  

And yes, these various startup business ventures do work against each other, they compete in the market. If the window screen businesses succeeds, and malaria is eradicated, they will slowly put the large international anti-malaria producing pharmaceutical companies out of business, and this is business. 

20 Small Business Startups For Malaria Eradication
- Please add others prevention of malaria business startups in comments area.

1. Window Screen Business

2. Screen Door Business

3. Mosquito Door Fish

4. Mosquito Bed Net Adapter Kits bed in the bedroom.or 

5. Mosquito Net Installations

6. Door to Door Mosquito Net sales

7. Door to Door malaria testing.

8. Malaria medicine sales

9. Malaria Health Insurance Policy

10. Malaria life insurance policy

11. Laboratory testing of Malaria

12. Rapid test Malaria Kits

13. Baby Mosquito Net Sales

14. Baby Pictures (Identify the high risk of malaria death, easy sales.)

15. Eucalyptus Tree Starts Sales - (Eucalyptus trees repel mosquitoes)

16. Lemon Grass Starts (Eudalyptus trees repel mosquitoes.)

17. Baby Videos (Identify the high risk of malaria death, easy sales.)

18. Malaria Comic Book Sales

19. Malaria Jewelry

20. Anti-Malaria toys

21. Anti-malaria water and sewage managment systems.

22. Malaria Trap Sales

23. Mosquito Bed Nets imported from China

24. Mosquito Net material importation

25. Window screen importation

26. Manufacturing of mosquito nets

27. Cheap bed frames ready for bed nets.

And, I have not even touched the housing industry, there is a huge need for mosquito proof homes, the present designs poorly designed. For the same amount of money, we can make homes mosquito proof.

Thank you,

Andy L. Graham Kara, Togo 2013

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