Pride In a Job Well Done

Were not in Kansas anymore, and were not over the rainbow where And the dreams that you dare to dream. Really do come true. No were in West Africa.


Why do all the aid organizations and the United Nations fail in Africa?

Made in USA


Made in Togo

Well intended aid organizations come to West Africa, and destroy cultures because they sell the American dream, or some hazy European dream. And, what do the people of West Africa want after meeting aid organizations, they dream of moving to America or Europe. The lesson Africans learn from aid organizations is that Africa is broken.

Somehow, the made in the USA Flag needs replaced, with the made in Togo Flag.

Andy Graham



Photos Pride In a Job Well Done

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Au revoir is see you again as Auf weidersehen is in German, not goodbye I got my Medical card in the mail the other day, for Hospital, so if my Health gives out some fine day, I will head up north for necessity sake, unlike most on this site am over 65 and yes, if my health holds out, since I quit smoking cigarettes 5 years ago in a Hospital bed with pneumonia and complications all has been well, as long as I exercise. I do a lot of walking, up and down hill. I actually feel younger than when I smoked 2 packs a day 7 days a week and for 15 years living in Latin America had a vehicle and got lazy driving here and there, so health is everything, I just left an Ex Pat group online where most people talk about acquiring or shipping Things, there were a couple of other clowns on the group who got sarcastic, then crap eating grin Californian comes on line and lectures us about our attitude and not to mock our life style (which to me is being dependent on other English speaking people, living among the locals, never with them, in Guatemala my lifelong friends are natives and Guatemlan-Americans who grew up there, no Ex Pats, there was one, but he passed away several years ago of Cancer, since 1985 I have both re-invented myself and grown up (somewhat) in Central America, my old USA self is gone now. Yes and a lot of NGOs make promises!

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