Nerds to the Rescue, or Why Theyre Not in Africa

I am here in Kara, Togo, West Africa, waiting for the heroes to show up, for the Knights in Shining Armor, for poetic justice ... but not for nerds.

Nerds to the Rescue or Time to Wake Up?

In the Sci-Fi TV show, “Stargate SG-1,” Colonel Jack O'Neill commands two nerds, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter.

Jack O'neill

Jack is the hero that saves the planet, not Daniel and Samantha…

As we watch movies, I want you to always remember: The nerds are not the heroes; they are supporting cast; they are backup. It is always intellectually intriguing how movies and television get it right, while in real life, the nerds seem to control the planet. I tire of listening to warnings about global warming, reports about some planet I do not live on.

I have traveled the planet, visited strange people, sat on some really horrible toilets, and seen cockroaches as big as small mice. Yet, if there is one fear that engulfs my life, it is that someone will think me a nerd. At any time during the day, it is always a fear, that I, Andy L. Graham, alpha male world traveler, conqueror of 90 countries, will be remembered because I learned two languages, Spanish and French.

Gee whiz, I only did what needed doing. I learned French to chat up the African girls, and I do my best to avoid any French people with scarves around their necks. And, I keep my mouth shut when annoyed.

Please remember, education, learning languages, and working on computers are great, but at the end of the day, the nerds are nerds, and Colonel Jack O'Neill commands two nerds so HE can save the world.

The next time you are listening to professors standing at a podium talking about saving the planet, ask yourself: Are these people really going to leave the room, enter the real world, and save it?

We sometimes need a wake up call, a good hard kick in the butt, to activate the brain.

Andy L. Graham

I am in Africa, and those professors are ... well, they are there, where they are, and not here. If you ever think, maybe wonder, why I am here working on this malaria project, it is quite simple: I am not going to wait for those nerdy professors to show up.

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