Mosquito Larvae Trap by Bite Back LLC

Bite Back LLC has a simple 25 USD Mosquito trap, watch the video to learn how it works.

This is simple mosquito larvae trap is ingenius.

Malaria is a one-celled parasite Female mosquitoes pick up the parasite from infected people when they bite to obtain blood needed to nurture their eggs.

When the mosquito bites again, the parasites passes into the blood of the person being bitten and gives them Malaria.

By killing the larvae of the Mosquito, you wipe out a whole generation of mosquitoes.

Females of mosquitoes can lay 100–200 eggs, therefore when ONLY one mosquito lands on this device, it kills 100-200 future mosquitoes.

Mosquito Larvae Trap

The original BiteBack! Mosquito Larva Trap is the environmentally friendly way to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard. BiteBack! is unique because it is affordable, simple, safe and low maintenance. BiteBack! works by mimicking the natural breeding areas of 95% of mosquitoes in the world. If you can add water to a bucket, you can maintain BiteBack! and protect your yard, family, friends and pets from pesky mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. If you're tired of not being able to use your yard during mosquito season, BiteBack! is the simplest and safest method available to reclaim your outdoor lifestyle. It uses no poisons, electricity or gas, is safe around kids and pets, and is extremely low maintenance. It has been proven highly effective at eliminating mosquitoes through studies done at universities in the US and Brazil. BiteBack! and is also target specific and does not attack beneficial insects, allowing the natural environment to thrive while protecting you and your loved ones from the dangers and annoyances of mosquitoes. BiteBack! is the only U.S. patented Mosquito Larva Trap available on the market. BiteBack! LLC is a family owned and operated company. BiteBack!, LLC is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.  BiteBack

mosquito larvae trap

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Photos Mosquito Larvae Trap by Bite Back LLC

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