Mosquito Bites Lures Attractions And Why They Bite

Mosquito Bites Lures Attractions And Why They Bite

1. Carbon dioxide – (CO2) Breathing by humans. 

2. Skip the shower.

2. Lactic acid, the chemical given off from the body with exercise, so running around wiill attract mosquitoes

3. Human perspiration, if you sweat a lot.

4. Heat - or body heat

5. Dress in dark colors.

7. Wear perfume or cologne.

8. Use alpha hydroxy products on your skin.

9. Smells - Don't change your socks.

10. Drink beer and eat limburger cheese.

Ways to fake human breath, to create carbon dioxide?

A. Propane burning gives off carbon dioxide.

B. Baking Soda and Vinegar gives off carbon dioxide.

Ways to fake human persperation?

A. Octenol 

Ways to fake Lactic acid?

A. Lactic acid - Exercise

Ways to fake human perspiration.

A. Octenol

Ways to fake perspiration?

A Moisture –perspiration

Ways to face spectrum light?

– light 

7. Ultraviolet light (UV) – A certain wavelength of UV attracts some species.

8. Sound – High frequency ‘feeding frenzy’ sound attracts female mosquitoes. Male mosquitos - now known to be able to carry infections and pass them on in the mating process to female mosquitos - are drawn by the "Wing Beating" sounds of the female mosquitos 

9. Movement – Mosquitoes are attracted to movement

10 Colour – Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.

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