Mosquito Audits Of Homes In Kara Togo, Mosquito Audits Of Homes In Kara Togo

Mosquito Audits Of Homes In Kara Togo

Bedroom Mosquito Audits
- How many people in room? 

Doors Mosquito Audit
- Threshold leak
- Clothe over door
- Screen door
- No door 

Windows Mosquito Audit
- Wood lathe screen
- Lovered window modern
- Bars only

Bed Mosquito Audit
- Bed net
- Top sheet
- How many people
- Type of bed
- Residue of Coils
- Spray cans

Bed Net Audit
- Connected with nails
- Post 

Roof Eves Mosquito Audits

Walls Mosquito Audits

Mosquito Nets Audits

Common Area Mosquito Audits

Cooking Area Mosquito Audit

Toilet audit

Sewage audit

Open water audit

- Cost of Taxi to Laboratory and Treatment 


Economic Status Mosquito Audits

1. Motorcycle

2. Jobs

3. Own house

4. Rent

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