Master Plan To Eliminate Eradicate Malaria In Kara Togo West Africa

Malaria is easy to eliminate and eradication if we learn from history, and the government, community and private sector work together.

Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham, and daily I collect information about the history of elimination, then eradication of malaria. After long research, I have developed this plan on how to eliminate malaria in Kara, Togo, West Africa. This plan is a checklist of items, and would apply to most communities, working best for cities between 20,000 and 500,000. 

Here is: History of eradication methods page 

By studying the history of countries that have eradicated malaria, the one essential reason they succeeded was simple, the government decided to stop malaria. Malaria is profitable for hospitals and pharmacies, often owned by leaders of the countries.

Who are the people working against elimintion of malaria? We need to identify the people who want eradicate malaria, and those who do not.

Malaria Eradication Plan

The WHO -- World Health Organization, and UNICEF, Roll Back Malaria etc; do little if nothing to actually stop malaria. In fact they work against sustainable solutions, for example, the give away free bednets, which makes it impossible for private business to import, sell, install bednets. Sustainable solutions allow the private sector to sell, and prosper selling products that help eliminate malaria. 

Fortunately, Africa is moving towards screens on windows, and these stupid programs will soon die for the boondoggles the are. These organizations should be helping private manufactures of mosquite nets to thrive in Africa, but more importantly the window screen business.

Great news, because the malaria medicine is easy to buy, the locals are taking it quickly, the infected humans are greatly decreased, therefore malaria is by attrition slowly ending in Africa. By 2025-30, malaria shall be at very low levels.

Eradication Program as Concluded from History of Malaria

This is a work in progress, and conclusions will change as research proceeds.

Common Malaria eradication methods to shared.

Government Programs
- Drain swamp areas
- Water Puddle Elimination Programs
- Post signs warnings about mosquitoes
- Outline what to do if one contracts malaria.
- Make the signs at Hospitcal Easy to Direct to Malaria Area.
- Larvacides on water.
- Free bednets for beggars sleeping on streets
- Gather Street people, test for Malaria as asymptomatic malaria.
- Asymptomatic malaria
- Sunrise and Sunset signs, explaining mosquito danger.
- Collect water in daylight hours, not before sunrise, or after sunset.
- Indoor Spraying
- Cheaper to install screens, help the local business set up.
- Breeding site elimination
- Bat houses 
- Mosquito fish
- System of regural cleaning of sanitary channels, or storm sewers
- Fixing road and sanitation that allows water to accumulate. 

Laws that Need Passed and Enforced
- Fines for trash
- Fine for throwing trash in storm drain channel
-  Hospitals must give monthly report of money spent on malaria by patients at their hospital.
- Open puddles of water in yard fine. 

Medicines and Laboratories
- Hospital have signs that explain where to receice malaria treatment.  
- Malaria medicines easy access for people.
- Targeting asymptomatic malaria is associated with a dramatic decline in malaria transmission. PDF
- Manage Stock out problem, government needs to stockpile so the pharmacy industry cannot re-create the malaria problem.

Community, ONG's / NGO
- Test street people house to house, and help arrange treatment.
- Window screen business assistance setting up.
- Find malaria victims by advertising programs
- Vetting of all government, officials, and workers to see if they have an financial interest that works against eradication of malaria.

Businesses to Start, Promote or Encourage (Sustainable Elimination)

Mosquito net manufacturing in the country that is working to eliminate malaria, there needs to be companies, and people who financially benefit from eradication process that continues on after eradication.

1. Window Screen Business
2. Screen Door Business
3. Mosquito Door Fish
4. Mosquito Bed Net Adapter Kits bed in the bedroom.
5. Mosquito Net Installations
6. Door to Door Mosquito Net sales
7. Door to Door malaria testing.
8. Malaria medicine sales
9. Malaria Health Insurance Policy
10. Malaria life insurance policy
11. Laboratory testing of Malaria
12. Rapid test Malaria Kits
13. Baby Mosquito Net Sales
14. Baby Pictures (Identify the high risk of malaria death, easy sales.)
15. Eucalyptus Tree Starts Sales - (Eucalyptus trees repel mosquitoes)
16. Lemon Grass Starts (Eudalyptus trees repel mosquitoes.)
17. Baby Videos (Identify the high risk of malaria death, easy sales.)
18. Malaria Comic Book Sales
19. Malaria Jewelry
20. Anti-Malaria toys
21. Anti-malaria water and sewage managment systems.
22. Malaria Trap Sales
23. Mosquito Bed Nets imported from China
24. Mosquito Net material importation
25. Window screen importation
26. Manufacturing of mosquito nets
27. Cheap bed frames ready for bed nets.
28. Plastic bottle mosquito net traps
29. Finance of screen installation 

Read more: 

Anti-Mosquito Projects Related to Home
- Cooling the home so the locals close the door
- Cooling the home so the locals use a mosquito net 
- Find out what trees they will not cut and use for firewood, then plant these trees around the home to cool the home.


Malaria Stores:
Each community needs convenient stores selling the above items. 

Leadership of Malaria Project:
- Command groups that have the power to implement solutions. Normally, there was one lead person who commanded the project.
- Each country oppoints a special lead person in charge of eradication of malaria.

List of Stakeholers who Lose Money if Malaria is Eliminated:

1. Pigs and animal owners that need open water for animals.
2. Pharmacies
3. Labs that test for malaria
4. NGO's / ONG's that employ people working ? to stop malaria.
5. Hospitals
6. Clinics 

Ideas, please join, and add ideas into comments.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham
+1 260-624-4414
9545 West 120 #26
Orland, Indiana 46776-0026
United States of America

hoboontheroad  AT

Kara, Telephone number: +228 9294 0714 

I need 600-800 dollars per month to pay for my research.

Note: The above plan cost approximately one dollar per person, per year to implement, and will only work if the government is committed, extreme vetting of people needs to be done to find out hidden agendas.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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Hello Andy

I dont know if this is live or just going to be in your archives. In a local newspaper from Indonesia there was an article concerning plastic bags made from biodegradable material.

This procedure could be licensed to a company in Togo. If you wish for me to proceed further please contact me.

Since I dont know whether you will return and read this, I will post this in some of the other sites where you mention plastic bags plus your latest article. You can delete the excess, of course.



This is live, please put the contact information here in the contact area, this is type of stuff that needs posted anywhere, and every.

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