Master List of Obstables to Solve for The Elimination Of Malaria In Kara Togo

Listing out the many obstacle that block the people of Kara, Togo from eliminating malaria in the city.

Mosquito Cycles

Here is a strategy by which we will take the list of problems below. 

Methodology Strategy to Eliminate Malaria.

1. Creation of an exhaustive list of problems to solve for one city on the planet with Malaria. - Kara, Togo.

2. List out problems, and as new one are found, add to the list.

3. Under each problem search for work done that solve the problem. And, add proposals of possible solution, and continually add to this.

4. Search for the solutions that solve the greatest number of sub-problem below them.

5. Prioritize, and start working on solution that are proven as obvious solutions, and we feel are managealbe.

6. As solution evolve from unmanageable to clarity, we start to solve them. 

Problems to solve are listed in order of priority

- From highest to lowest.

PLEASE: This is a work in progress, member can comment below, or request to collaborate on page.

1. Creation of a metric to determine success in eliminating malaria. (Monthly)

A. How many children under 10 years of age die of malaria in Kara, Togo.

     I Discover how each baby is buried in city and request information.
     II. Discover all the medical facilities that treat babies and request information.

B. Number of malaria medicine treatments sold in pharmacies of Kara?

C. Number of malaria laboratory test performed to check for malaria?


2. Problem of stopping the pharmacy, labs, and doctors from making money with malaria.
A. Discover an alternative way for them to make money. 

People believe they are immune.

There are 3-5 languages in each village.

People enter and leave village to go to markets.

Random collection of problems.

The mother having motocycle taxi money to go to laboratory.

Paying for laboratory.

They buy the pain medicine, and not the malaria medicine, or vitamins.

Mother does not know symptoms of baby.

Baby is watch by small girls and not adults

The doctors and pharmacist are disrepectful, and people avoid them.

The pharmacy make money from the sale of malaria drugs.

Offer to every employer free medicine for employees.
- Need money for this. 

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