Malaria Symptoms In Children

How to know when a child has malaria? Here are symptoms in children, please help by sending photo to Andy- hoboontheroad - AT yahoo COM.

Babies die of malaria because they cannot complain to mothers that the are sick. When the mother does not recognize the symptoms early, then also have the money to pay for medicines, it is often too late, and the baby is too far gone and dies.

Mothers must be on constant watch for signs the baby has malaria.

HELP - We need a videos of real children with Malaria, Paludisme to help teach mothers and fathers to recognize. We need close up photo of babies with Malaria showing the symptoms. Explaining by words is not the solution, up close, real photos and videos tells a billon words, and photos a million.

List of Malaria Symptoms in Children:

1. Red welts where the moquitoe bit the baby.

2. Swollen eyes.

3. Cough

4. Rapid shallow breathing

5. Feverish convulsions 

In member area is some more confusing symptoms, and copyrighted, but members can read.


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