Malaria Plasmodium Is Neither A Virus Nor A Bacterium It Is A Single Celled Parasite

The problematic confusion is doctors, researchers is they wish to say the malaria parasite is the same as bacteria, or virus, it is small animal.

The medical community, health organization want to believe that malaria is an infection caused by germs, bacteria, viruses. Whereby, the bodies white blood cells can learn to stop the malaria parasite. There is a mythical belief  that we develop an immunity to malaria, we do not, and if we do a little, then malaria  adapts?

The white blood cells, our immune system cannot fight off a wolf, a big dog, or tape worm. Can our bodies immune system stop small critters?


It is better to view the malaria parasite as a small critter, for which the only remedy is prevention, to keep the critter away from our body.

How to stop this critter, the malaria parasite?

1. Do not share mosquitoes! Same as, do not share needles!

2. People with malaria need to be placed in isolation, free of mosquitoes.

3. They need to receive the 13-20 poisons that kill the parasite as quick as possible, so the no longer are sanctuary, safe harbor, a home, a carry of the critters we call the Malaria parasite.

"Malaria is a infection spread by Anopheles mosquitoes. The Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria is neither a virus nor a bacterium – it is a single-celled parasite that multiplies in red blood cells of humans as well as in the mosquito intestine."

"Bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms.
(Normally called germs.)

Small Animal:
Malaria parasite is a eukaryote is any organism whose cells contain a nucleus and other organelles enclosed within membranes.

"There are four different eukaryotic parasites that cause malaria in humans under natural conditions"

With germs, bacteria, and viruses, we often have them inside our bodies for life, we live with them, our body adapts, and only when the body is weak, under nourished, old, young or fragile, these bacteria start an attack, and win for a short time, causing us to be sick, until we prop up, support the white blood cells with anti-biotics.

We can also super nourish the body, and stop feeding the germs, bacteria, and viruses sugar, the best fuel on the planet for bacteria to grow, no sugar, and molds, algae, and maybe even cancer fails to thrive, cells need food, no food, and the white blood cells can win the battle. we have to stop the supply chain.

To treat the malaria parasite the same as germs is not apple to apples. We need to keep this parasite out of our body by not sharing needles, not sharing blood, which is all the mosquito, a flying needle.

Doctors, and the medical community need to stop treating this like a bacteria, or virus, treat is like a lion inside mosquito, we cannot let the mosquito, or the lion near our babies.

The normal strategy of allowing the white blood cells to develop an immunity force, giving them the power to fight off the parasite, does not work, it will take a real innovation to stop this lion of a killer living in our body.

Sadly, we have successful eradicated this lion from maybe 50 countries, and  have proven success, and the world refuses to repeat the same success, allowing the stakeholder in malaria to live on, to allow the hospitals treating, the pharmacies selling the 13-20 malaria cures to thrive.

Eradication is the cure, keep the lions out of the body, and stop the malaria carrying mosquitoes from biting, until we have segregate, hunted down, and killed the last parasite in each country.

When the governments officials, who own the pharmacies, and hospitals decide to stop killing their people, then they, the same politicians can eradicate the malaria parasite, there is a medical industry that needs put out of business.

The cures, and we have many is BIG BUSINESS, follow the money.

Even the mosquito net business is big business, they have convinced the Africans they cannot make mosquito nets, that only a insecticide treated mosquito net is ok for use. Yet this too is crazy, to put a baby inside a room always breathing insecticides is insanity. Stop the mosquitoes, patch the mosquito nets, put screens on window, do the same as the modern world, and stop treating Africa as if the same rules for mosquito for the USA are different, we do not buy mosquito nets, we buy screens for our windows, and for sure, we do not treat them with insecticides. We use insecticide, then we clean up the dead bugs.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham

Lome, Togo West Africa September 9, 2015

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