List Of Products Sold At Malaria Store Magasin De La Paludisme

1. Window screen kits - Buy local, and package.

2. Tool rentals - Create business.

3. Installation of mosquito nets - Create business

4. Baby mosquito net tents - Buy locally

5. Mosquito net tents for adults

6. Comic books - 20-25 page, hire on Elance, print locally.

5. Wholesale business of window wood boards - Locally purchased.

6. Caulk to block holes.

7. Cement to block holes.

8. Under the door, draft worm, that clocks gap below doors.

9. Hooks that hold windows open.

10. Updraft chimney fans.

11. Plastic recycle roof matts, to cool rooms.

12. Plastic bag under door mosquito stopper.



1. Skin problems from Mosquitoes

2. How to keep your home cool?

3. Symptoms of malaria in children.

4. History of Malaria.






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