List of Assumptions Axioms and Postulates for Eradication of Malaria

List of assumptions, axioms and postulates for eradication of Malaria.

Malaria Assumptions

List of assumptions, axioms or postulates for eradication of Malaria:

(See Wikipedia for definition)

This is a list of assumptions that people generally agree are true, self-evident and accepted. If you disagree with any of the postulates, please write your opinons in comments below, you must include links to sources, or references.

1. There are many problems to solve, not just one, the is no universal solution such as a vacination that exist as of 2013.

2. People need to take malaria cures as quickly as possible to minimize deaths.

3. Mosquitoes are the carriers of the malaria parasites between humans.

4. Humans in malaria infected areas need to learn effective solutions.

5. Human in malaria infected areas need to stop ineffective solutions.

6. The solutions to malaria cost money.

7. The solutions often cost more than infected people can afford to pay.

8. People in the worst infected areas on the planet speak many languages, often a village may have 2-7 spoken languages.

9. Open water where mosquitoes breed need minimized.

10. Each medicine for malaria needs approved that it is effective in curing malaria, and the doses are correct.

11. Taking less than full cure for malaria is a problem.

12. People need to sleep under mosquito nets, or have window screens, there needs to be the minimal amount of mosquito bites while sleeping possible.

13. Infected people are carriers of the malaria parasite.

14. Infected people as carriers of malaria parasite need to be in mosquito free areas until they are cured, whereby mosquites are not capable of biting them.

15. People often cannot afford mosquito nets, window screens, screen doors in malaria infected areas of the planet.

16. The average life cycle of a mosquito is 3-5 weeks.



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