Join the battle. Fight Malaria.

Join the battle. Fight Malaria.


It's worse than a war!. We have to join efforts to win.

Unlike other diseases that target a specific age bracket, malaria has killed the unborn, the young, the middle aged and the old. It has made both the educated and the uneducated lose their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

In a way, every one gets affected by malaria either directly or indirectly. Schools record low turns of pupils as most lose lives due to the disease before they join or after they have joined school. The impact moves silently in the ladder of our lives forever, as we may never realise how important the lives lost would have positively impacted economically and socially in years to come, to their respective families and nations at large.

As we treat the didease, it feels normal to spend on treatment, which inturn affects the way we live our lives. The food we eat, the houses we sleep in, the schools we go to and the confort of our sleep all get the pinch in return. Not untill we start to see it as abnormal, we shall forever take the disease for granted.

Several methods have been put into use to end the pain or atleast reduce greatly on the impact the disease is causing to our continent. Among them are house hold sparaying, use of mosquito repellants and encouraging people to sleep under treated mosquito nets.

I will emphasise the last mentioned method. Putting in mind that on average, sleep takes the longest time as a nonstop single activity for most people. Most definately sleep during nite time. Irrespective of where someone is, whether in the garden or in town at work, mosquitoes mostly launch the attack on their victims at night. Night being the time when most people are asleep, putting a greater effort to guard against mosquito bites would result into a GREATER reduction of the infection.

It is on this point that everyone, all ages should endeavour to sleep under a TREATED MOSQUITO NET. The young wont care, so it's the obligation of older to pass down the lessons and keep it going. The fact that you are reading this, you are in that age bracket of people supposed to join the war with everyone to teach the younger ones and the illiterate.

It again crosses to anyone capable of using whatever means of communication to reach out to bigger masses. Communication to bigger masses means many will be on the better side of mosquito bites prevention.

I am (the writter of this article) a Skilled 3D graphics designer, capable of designing and putting any imagination onto TV or paper for masses to watch and read using 2D and 3D computer graphics design softwares. As a personal initiative, this is the skill i decided to use to design a 1 minute video that shows how scary a mosquito bite is to the skin, and asks everyone to guard against it (the bite) by proper use of treated mosquito nets as we sleep.

Please find my video on Tymline3D, a name that i use for both my facebook page and my youtube channel. You can as well search for "Join The Battle. Malaria Free Uganda" from youtube's home page. We can then share the link across social media so the message can get across masses. I am a freelance designer and can be contacted should there be anything out of this box to be designed.

Love your life and protect it. Love your country and the people in it. Love your continent. SLEEP UNDER A TREATED MOSQUITO NET.

By Danie. (


East Africa.


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