How to Recycle Single Use Plastic Bags?

how do we make recycling guilt free? Aid workers chastise locals, give the evil eye, missionaries making people promoting guilt, voodoo etc.

Recycling single use plastic bags not only saves turtles, it also saves babies, the plastic bags in West Africa create water container breeding grounds for malaria carrying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, when we control the water, we stop the mosquitoes. Malaria kills 24 babies out of 100,000 people in Togo, mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Fuels used for these projects:

1. Solar, any use of the sun

2. Trash that is presently being burned, this is not the best, but maybe we can convert wasted burning, in productive burning.

Goals of Recycling of plastic single use bags:

1. Stop burning plastic that creates a more dangerous type of smoke that paper wood.

2. Locals are willing to carry the plastic to the location, or one the locals is willing to collect because of the value.

3. Stop clogging up rivers, stop plastic bag dams in the rivers, keep the water moving faster, this makes it difficult for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

4. Creates a business using the plastic, so it is self-financing.

5.  Easy to build, something that 90 percent of mechanics, carpenters, or welding shops can make in less than one day with a crew of 5 boys.




We hope we melt down single use plastic bags to make?

1. Roofing.

2. Bricks for walls, or pavement of roads.

3. Sticks for hoes used to farm here in Togo.

4. Insulation to keep homes cool?

5. Water collection containers.

6. Sewer water barrels, we put in ground to allow waste water to enter ground water table.

7. Small round stools

8. Make bumps in road to slow traffic.

Process of Melting plastic bags, etc. into Products?

1. Compression of plastic while cooking with solar. Note, we can use paper waste in the short run to fuel, but really not best.
--- This is the one I was lacking.

2. Heat - We have an overabundance of solar, so I hope to do this with the sun.

3. Break away steel box --- Super easy here in Togo, West Africa, strange as it gets, the cost of welding is half the price of carpenters. I can get Ameyo to make this easy. They use this device to break tires from rims of cars here, it is big lever you put your weigh on, and it compresses the tire. I can modify this, make it so we load with rocks, and cook with solar… I hope.

4. Need for uniformity --- No need for a few products. I am thinking of using for walls of septic tanks, they need cheap tanks for the water from toilets. Maybe bricks of plastic.

5. Not really addressed, but if I keep oxygen from enter the container, it will be safer from fume, I hope.

Long-Term Solution is Ban on Plastic Bags

Developed nations need to stop the use of disposable plastic bags because the worlds developing nations will never follow unless the leader, do lead.

Key: OB= Outright ban.

Germany South Africa, (OB) Italy, (OB 2010) Australia, (OB in supermarkets 2008) India, (OB in area's including Mumbai) Somalia, (OB) Botswana, (OB) Philippines, (OB, coming soon) Uganda, (OB) Kenya, (OB) Japan Turkey Zanzibar, (OB) Eritrea, (OB) Ethiopia, (OB) Papua New Guinea, (OB) Samoa, (OB) Belgium, (Levy) South Korea Singapore Sweden Bhutan, (OB) Malta China

Thank you for your comments,

Andy Lee Graham in Kara, Togo


Evil Eye

Trivia about Plastic Bags and the "Evil Eye."

An astute American living in India pointed out,
"People must use plastic bags, it is the only way to stop the evil eye."

What is the evil eye? In many culture on the planet, jealousy abounds, therefore anything purchased needs immediately put into bags, covered, and hidden until the purchase returns home.

We cannot just walk around in West Africa with valuables in our hand, or we can suffer the evil eye.

I would super appreciate if we could talk on Skype, or write emails. I am hoboontheroad AT AT / or Skype  or 1-260-624-4414 that rings on Skype after 10-15 rings here in Togo, West Africa, a country to the right of Ghana.

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Comments 3


People must use plastic bags, it is the only way to stop the evil eye.

That reminds me...Liquor store in Massachusetts,USA are often call
Package Stores They put your Liquor in non-see-through paper bags so
you neighbors cant see what you bought. !


A good example of the evil eye.


Great local craft could be crocheting plastic bags into big shopping bags

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