How Many Children Under 10 Years of Age Die Of Malaria In Kara, Togo?

First goal of Malaria NIMBY is to determine how many children die of malaria daily in Kara. Togo the goal to decrease the number to zero.

The effective progress to eradicate Malaria in Kara, Togo can be calculated if we know the actual number of deaths caused by Malaria.

"Definition of death caused by Malaria?"
When a child has had a blood test for malaria, whether before, or after death, and the parasite is in the blood of the child. If the child dies while in some stage of malaria, or shortly after treatment, the precipitating cause will be determined as malaria. 

Map of Area Defined as City of Kara:

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Sample Size of Kara, Togo for Statistal Analysis:

We will use the words, "city of Kara," loosely to describe the sample. However, for collection of statistics. We will define this in terms of where the children die in Kara, Togo.

1. Overnight medical facilities.

2. Homes

Tentative location where we can discover children's malaria bodies?

1. Funerals

2. Burials

3. Cremations

4. Disposals

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