Helping Malaria Victims Who Do Not Deserve Help

The first step in eradicating malaria in Africa is accepting the people do not want, need, or deserve help.

There is no better way to start the day, than a good philosophical question.

The world is spending billions of dollars towards the eradication of malaria, for people who do not want, need, or deserve the money.

Plato and Aristotle

Are you capable of answering my question?

Here is the first step in eradicating malaria in Africa:

First step: Accepting the people do not want, need, or deserve help.

What is the second step?

Here is a hint.
(The answer is not throwing money.)

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa

+228 9294 0714

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Malaria is the problem, the sickness, the adversary, and the people are just victims of the parasite, the unfortunate people who suffer as victims.


Gday Andy

You did not write the above message concerning the suitability or otherwise of World read Western developed countries sponsoring large amounts of money, in Africa, to support malaria eradication programs, for no reason.

Please tell us - your readers - why you wrote that post.


For the most part, the malaria projects of Africa are just a dream thing for the modern countries that have eradicated malaria. A problem that is too far away from home, too far from reality to be taken serious in the USA.

If we study malaria, we soon realize, it is always a good feeling, as if we are reading the doctors reports, the solutions are always doctor reports. The malaria is framed as a crying child, it is cliche, typical NGO sad stories, the person with the best story gets the money.

The few people who actually come to Africa know the patient does nothing to help themselves. The governments that decide to stop malaria stop malaria, and the ones that do not, do not.

There is willful blindness by 99 percent of Malaria researchers, and workers. They want more money, more money, and more money, as if money will solve all the malaria problems. This is just stupid at best, and they willfully stay blind, and never say, our patient does nothing to help, which make us feel hopeless. Working to help a person, a worker, a patient, or any human that neither helps themselves, or appreciates the help is the root problem here in Africa.

Only by accepting the patient does not care, can we emotionally, mentally, and financially address the problem as adults. The first step is always stopping denial of the real problems, and face up.

Should a person donate money to Malaria?

Vaccine Research: NO
I think Bill Gates picking and choosing medical researchers is brilliant, and he has enough money to give to find a vaccine, so no money needs given there. And, even if there was a vaccine today, it would not eradicate the problem in the next 50 years.

Bed Nets:
No, we are subjugating the responsibility of the patient. We sabotage them, we make it appear as they should wait for the doctor to come back in the room. They have the money, and can afford them, a mosquito net cost less than a big bundle of toilet paper here, there is no demand, they are cheap. Bed nets are an easy thing for NGOs to ask money, something simple, and tangible, and not the solution. Please note, I purchased 4 child bed nets, before I realized it was stupid on my part, they will not use a bed net given to them, only if they buy them, they need value applied.

Malaria is spread by Mosquitoes. We cannot spray all the air on the planet with insecticides. We can control the rivers, ditches, ravines of a a village in Africa. This is not Florida swamp land, this is 300 meters elevation, we have water.

Think of the desert, if you could not kill off all the mosquitoes laying eggs in the desert waters, then you are truly inept.

The United Nations, WHO, World Health Programs, all promote programs that are not sustainable. Bed nets rip, spraying homes is costly.

The problem in Kara is a trash problem, there is no trash pick up, and the plastic bags stop the water, and allow the mosquitoes to lay eggs.

So there are two NON SEXY businesses needed here in Kara, to stop Malaria.

1. Kara, Togo needs is a good window screen business entrepreneur, someone that sells window screens to all the locals.

2. Trash or Sanitation business.

Larvacide needs used by the government of Togo during dry season.

My plans are not sexy, I am not going to make a dying baby bring tears to peoples eyes. My plan is to do many business start-ups here that will solve the problem.

How much money is needed? About the same as one Toyota Land Rover being driven by all the NGOs in swarms.

Fun stuff, I am only accelerating the village of Kara, malaria will disappear from the planet in next 50 years, with a vaccine, or without one. Malaria slowly diminishes because there is malaria cure sold in all the pharmacies. The problem is slowly resolved, but never trust the pharmaceuticals, they make cut off sales for 2 years, so the malaria problem can surge again.

What do I need to stop Malaria in Kara, Togo? About 5000-15,000 dollars to get the plastic bags cleaned from the city, and to start a window screen business.

Then somehow figure out larvacides. There is an interesting tree in Togo called the NEEM Tree, the dried leaves kills mosquito larva. What a simple idea, but no way for the money makers to make money from, so for the most part ignored.

The Malaria parasite is the enemy. Read up on Malaria, it is good fun, and try to learn the history of eradication, very little to do with Doctors. The read current research, and everything to do with Doctors, and research.

Malaria eradication is not a secret, the solutions are known, but history of eradication is ignored.

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