George Carlin Would Agree Sustainable Development Makes Me Vomit

Dont you wish people would stop using words we cant understand? We can make this simpler to understand, then why dont we?

What the hell is "Sustainable Development?"

George Carlin Sustainable Development

Don’t you wish people would stop using words we don‘t understand? When I hear the words “Sustainable Development,” I want to vomit.

I want you to prepare to learn the words “Sustainable Development” in blunt terms. So let’s have some fun, watch this George Carlin video.

1. Sustainable development Defined:
(Makes me vomit style.)

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Something a politician would say, or someone wanting donations, more or less, I am smart, know the proper, University words, so trust me, and give me money. I am smarter than you.

2. Sustainable development Defined:

We come, we start a good idea, we share it with the locals, and we leave, and when we return 10 years from now, they are still using the idea.

Why 10 years later? Because, the ideas were worth stealing.

What we all really want other countries to do?
“Take care of yourselves, so are tax money is used inside the USA.”

How city development works inside the USA?
- The city pays to put in the sewer and water lines, then forces the home additions, the developers to pay them back in taxes later when annexed.

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