Experiment Testing Air Speed Of Solar Stack Chimney Updraft Tower

This is videos of Andy Lee Graham doing experiment testing the up air speed inside round tube in Kpalime, Togo solar, stack effect, chimney,updraft tower.


Hot air rises, we want to know how fast? What is the strength?

How fast in this tube?
We made a18 foot high tube from roofing steel, with a circumference of 3 feet. in metric about 5.5 meters tall, by 1 meter circumference.

I am Andy Lee Graham in Kpalime, Togo West Africa in October 2015, dates, times, and locations are approximately correct.

What is the value of air movement?

How valuable is a fan in Togo, West Africa? The cheapest floor fan is 12 USD, roughly 6000 CFA in local money.

What can we do with air movement in Togo, West Africa?

Dehydrator: Dry fish, cacao, coffee beans, bananas.

Siphon: Suck air from an area, and move upwards.

Variables we can change?

- Height

- Circumference

- Shape - i.e. rectangular, square, round etc

- Color - i.e. we can paint black, white, etc

- Material used - we can use steel, wood, plastic, fabrics etc.

Planned uses for this air movement?

- Solar oven

- Hybrid solar and paper oven

- Oven burning combustible materials, charcoal, wood, paper, etc.

- Suck hot air from room, or allow hot air to rise from ceiling areas of rooms.



Wikipedia references this hot air rising:









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