Comic Books and Cartoon Videos for Malaria Education

Comic books and cartoons make malaria education fun and simple, teaching self-evident information through pictures and a few words.

Here is an example of video made by the U.S. military to educate soldiers during WWII. It was simple, fun and effective.

Private S.N.A.F.U. versus Malaria Mike

(Please NOBODY write what S.N.A.F.U. means in comments, using the F word.) 


Private Snafu

Donate: We need 5,000 USD to make one comic book, publish it, and put it on, making it available to non-governmental organizations to buy and distribute. 

Call Andy Lee Graham at +1 260-624-4414.

Solving the Malaria Education Problem

There are 2000-3000 languages in Africa. These comic book would tell the story without words and make teaching and learning this vital information fun.

Outline of the Comic Book Series

The Enemies

1. "Malaria Mike," the parasite

2. "Larry Larvae," the larvae or eggs of mosquitoes

3. "YouHaves," people infected with malaria. (Please stay out of my room until you are cured.)

4. "Mosquito Carrier," the mother mosquito looking for a human to suck blood from to feed her babies, but who drops Malaria Mel in the process


1. Little black boy, cute and savvy, who attacks mosquitoes for fun, making mother and father look stupid

2. Person who speaks five languages, explaining the facts to people who do not understand the lingua franca

3. Screen installation man who stops Mosquito Carrier from entering

Real Dangers

1. Mosquitos

2. Big business of pharmacies, labs and government

3. Open windows

4. Malaria-infected people

Story Themes

1. Kicking water where "Larry the Larvae" lives, so he dies

2. Recognizing baby has malaria and taking malaria medicine

2. Keeping malaria-infected people out of the room

3. Baby nets

4. Mosquitoes at sunrise and sunset

5. Mosquitoes attracted to breathing

6. Choosing the malaria medicine, and not vitamins and pain medicine, at the pharmacy

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