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Progress isnt made by early risers. Its made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. Robert A. Heinlein

The world fails to eradicate malaria by failing to harness the power of laziness. Normal people search for obvious, simple, and cheap ways to change the world.

Wrong, we do not want to change the world.

No, they do not wish to change the world, they only desire to change “their world.”

With no desire to listen to confused explanations on what they should do, could do, or would do if they understood the problem. They know there is a problem, but people naturally prioritize, they wish to keep their lives simple. We all are lazy, or maybe smart enough to know what is best, we refuse to waste energy, unless it is obviously a good idea, although sometime we jump on board, when it makes us look good, feel good, and improves our social status.

No amount of cajoling, chastising, or moral indignation gets us to waste our time to even disagree; instead we nod our heads in agreement, and vote with our actions, by not doing anything.

Awareness is a paradoxical, we are unaware of progress being made until we return, we need to leave. Only by leaving for a couple of years, and then returning can we see progress of good ideas. Or we see that our obvious good ideas were not obviously good ideas, they just petered out and died a natural death.

Good ideas find traction, and succeed, with no energy, no prodding or pushing, when we harness the power of “lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

And, we hate to say it, yet normally a good idea makes money for someone, they become a stakeholder. To change the world, we need to make people aware of good ideas at ever increasing speeds. This is where the radio, television and the Internet are game changers. It really is difficult for a lazy man to avoid being aware on how to change the world. And, even more difficult to avoid knowing there are problems on the planet.

Malaria has not increased on the planet in the last 500 years, it has decreased, yet our awarness has increased tenfold. The planet is becoming safer by each day, do not be blinded by awareness, we can change the world even when not aware that change happened.

Return to Africa.

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