Bug Bagger by Hobo Traveler Sold on Amazon.com

Stop spending money on insecticides. Use a floor fan to bag mosquitoes that entered screened rooms. The Bug Bagger cleans the room.

Do you buy insecticides? Stop!

Instead, use "Bug Bagger, the Insecticide Alternative."

By using the Bug Bagger, we can almost eliminate our need to buy insecticides and save our lungs from the harmful insect sprays.

Buy Bug Bagger on Amazon.com Now


Buying the Bug Bagger will help make Kara, Togo, West Africa, malaria free, whereas now malaria kills too, too many small babies in Kara weekly.

Buy Bug Bagger on Amazon.com Now

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

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OK, So Your saying we must get dirt poor people to WIRE their homes ( Fist get a home, near electricity) safely to use electricity and buy Fans and hook up light bulbs to those fans and tape plastic bags to catch mosquitoes ?

I always like to Quote Steve Martin when he gives advice on How to become a Millionaire

First get a Million Dollars.

Chuck WoW

pS I realize your saying how to help reduce Mosquitoes but it is like rich people telling you how to get better gas mileage and save salamanders.

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