Brainstorming Malaria Strategies

Please suggest ideas to fight malaria in Kara, Togo, we are brainstorming anti-malaria strategies on this page, your ideas are needed.

Help Kara to Eradicate Malaria by suggesting ideas in the comments area below, you will need to become a member first.

Thank you, Andy L. Graham 

List of Malaria Strategies:

1. Give every newborn baby in Kara a mosquito net, while paying for all treatment for children under five.

2. Completely cover the city of Kara, with Mosquito Traps.
- Durring the dry season, set up enough moquito traps to completely capture, and kill 95-99 percent of the mosquitoes. 

3. Give every child in Kara, and anti-malaria mosquito.

4. Screen Door Sponsorship.
- People could sponsor to pay for a screen door on a home in Kara. 

5. Donate a Toyota Landrover
- We can sell the Toyota Landrover to purchase 300 Mosquito Traps. 


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