Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Formula to Kill Mosquitoes

This is how to mix up a batch of ATSB - Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait to kill mosquitoes.Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Formula To Kill Mosquitoes

Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Formula To Kill Mosquitoes

Boric Acid Mixture of Attractive Toxic Sugar BaitsATSB
This is an "Experimental Mixture" by Andy Lee Graham

These ingredients are as best we can determine effective to create a laymons version of the attractive toxic sugar bait. This would then be put into a clear plastic bottle, and three hole the diameter of a pencil placed just above the water line.

Fill bottle half full of fruit scraps, about any fruit is ok
Add 1 cup sugar
Add 3 tablespoons boric acid
Add warm water to until it covers the top of the fruit
Add 1 tablespoon of yeast


Technically Correct as created in Israel:

Preparation of ASB and ATSB solutions

The ASB solution included juice of ripe/overripe fruits, 30% Guava juice, 30% Honey Melon juice, 25% water, 12% brown Sugar W/V, 2% local millet beer, and 1% (W/V) BaitStab™ concentrate (Westham, Israel) for preservation and stabilization of the bait. Guava and honey melons were selected for the ASB based on their local availability and their high level of attractiveness for An. gambiae s.l. based on comparative field tests in Mali using 26 different types of local fruits (unpublished data). Locally available millet beer was used to start the fermentation process. BaitStab™ is a blend of preservatives and slow-release substances used to preserve food-grade material, and was brought as the only ingredient from Israel . Crushed fruits and the other components were left for two days to ferment in covered plastic buckets in the sun. The liquid, sifted by sieve and then by cloth, was stored at ambient temperature. 

ATSB was made by adding the toxin boric acid 1% 

Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Formula To Kill Mosquitoes ATSB

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