Appropriate Technology Defined

Appropriate Technology for aid is easy to understand, tangible, and affordable, the locals will adopt it, and the technology will spread.

Appropriate Technology Defined: 

It is simple to sell it is technology that is adopted by the people as valuable,  cheap enough, simple enough, and spread by word of mouth because it is a good idea.

We have two types:

Appropriate Technology

1. For Profit Group Appropriate Technology that is profitable for company, or government, is paid for by users, can be used by groups.
i.e.Water tower with public waters. school with students paying class fees. Cellphones, the Model T Car, etc.

2. Personal Appropriate Technology shared to help solve basic problems in life. water, food, shelter, heat, communication. This is an idea shared with people with no money, no skills, often no electricity, and speaking a language that is indigenous. This is the people of the last mile. Normally a government or kind people share the information to assist the 15 percent enter into the higher level of development.

The problem with appropriate technology for last mile people is it is not profitable, so nobody cares to tell them.

For profit Appropriate Technology is everywhere.

- Great ideas that are not profitable, that improve on the wheel are difficult to discover, used personally, and normal cost less than 5 USD, one days wages to implement. The end user uses, or buys because the value is obvious. No organization profits, the only benefit is for the end users.

- How to have clean water?

- How to make a house cheaper?

- How to dispose of trash, and excrement better?

- How to stop diseases like Malaria?

Examples of great ideas that are not shared
- Why not shared? It would stop the profits of the local water companies.
- Why not shared? It is not profitable to explain, and would empower a class of people the governments want dumb.

Using Appropriate Technology to solve social problems.

1. People who have no electricity.

2. People who have no money.

3. Defenseless people, who often do not know.

The Appropriate Technology proof of concept?

"Appropriate technology will be copied, purchased, and will spread like a virus by word of mouth."

What is appropriate technology for the last mile, the 1.5 billion?

1. Easily maintained by locals.
2. Parts needed for maintenance readily available.
3. The technology fabricated in same local community.
4. Easily copied by competitors.
5. Adapted by local community.
6. Passively promoted by word of mouth.
7. The price is easily affordable by the people who benefit.
8. Easy to test whether it is appropriate.
9. The benefits of the technology are easy to explain, and understand, and demonstrate.
10. Self-monetized, no donations needed.
11. Often one piece, one products is missing, and when supplied, the idea spread easily.

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