01 Solutions: Window Screen Installation Business Started

We started a window screen installation business in Kpalime, Togo. The mother with baby pay 1 dollar of cost, and the other 5-10 by donations.

SVP -- Please forgive us, this is an ongoing project, and many steps are still missing, but stay tuned, we will be showing videos of mothers, with babies soon!


For mothers and babies to sleep in a home, that stops malaria carrying mosquitoes from entering the home and biting babies.

Solves the problem that Africans refuse to sleep under mosquito nets because they are too hot.


"627,000 deaths by Malaria Mosquitoes" and "482 000 children under five years of age. That is 1300 children every day, or one child almost every minute."  World Health Organzation

76 percent of malaria deaths are children under 5 years of age.

How it works?

1. 5-10 USD is total cost of installing a screen on window.

2. Mother pays 1.25 USD to manager, who tells carpenter to measure window and carpenter makes custom screen, and installs it. Manager gives the 1.25 to the carpenter.

3. Togo film person makes a video of mother, baby, and screen, and publishes video on YouTube.com. This video is placed on this site for viewing.
(1.25 is paid to person who make the video when it shows on YouTube.)

4. You can watch the video, then donate to pay for the screen for the specific mother, and baby. Donate

5. After the donation is received, money is transferred to Togo man, "Koku," who is presently the our first manager.

Manager is paid 1.25 per window.
Video person is paid 1.25 per window.
Carpenter is paid by money from mother, with baby.

Other: Cost to have the boards cut, screen purchased, nails, etc. this is from 2-5 dollars per window.

How this aid ends?

The carpenters can talk directly with mothers, and pay 2-3 dollars, and the economies of scale drive the price of installations down as they also do for businesses, hotels, and private homes. We go out of business because competition becomes good.

Note: There is no need for Andy Lee Graham to remain, this is business that will fail, or succeed. The money that is transferred is only done when proof of installation shows on YouTube.com.

Thank you for your donations, they are directly uses to stop babies in Sub-Sahara Africa from dying of malaria.

Andy Lee Graham in Kpalime, Togo West Africa.

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