"Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." - Fred Rogers - Mr. Roger's TV Show " />
Hello, this is Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana in Togo, West Africa. We will eradicate malaria in one neighborhood of Togo. It is the "Clear and Hold" strategy of warfare. We conquer, clear, and hold neighborhoods one at a time in sequence until all of Africa is eradicated of malaria. This is the strategy used for centuries to stop malaria in USA, and Europe, sadly, malaria workers are ignoring the history of successful eradication in many countries on the planet. "Malaria N.I.M.B.Y." or Malaria, Not In MY Back Yard," We are doing our neighborhood first. Call Andy to help, Togo number is +228-9376-5434 or call USA number +1-260-624-4414, it forward to Africa. Thank you for giving. "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." - Fred Rogers - Mr. Roger's TV Show Join us free!

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Appropriate Technology for aid is easy to understand, tangible, and affordable, the locals will adopt it, and the technology will spread.

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The problematic confusion is doctors, researchers is they wish to say the malaria parasite is the same as bacteria, or virus, it is small animal.

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We are starting small subsidized businesses, using the economies of scale, modern tech, starting anti-malaria stores. we need a 501C started.

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I am baffled, after doing research on malaria for two years, I can only find one book on how to recognize when a child has malaria.

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Sleeping under a mosquito net in a home over 80 degrees in temperature is like adding a wool blanket to an already hot person, the house is too hot.

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Malaria is easy to eliminate and eradication if we learn from history, and the government, community and private sector work together.

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Infested! Living with Parasites will air on BBC4 in February 2014, who knows if this is serious, or just good entertainment.

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The Design Council in London, England studies behavioral change, and a great article points out, asking people to do more work normally fails.

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Were not in Kansas anymore, and were not over the rainbow where And the dreams that you dare to dream. Really do come true. No were in West Africa.

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how do we make recycling guilt free? Aid workers chastise locals, give the evil eye, missionaries making people promoting guilt, voodoo etc.

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100,000 people live in Kara Togo.

Here is the Master Plan on to eliminate Malaria in Kara

Elimination of Malaria Plan

Mission of Malaria NIMBY

To run experiments in Kara, Togo; testing strategies to stop malaria carrying mosquitoes. When an experiment works, we will work with the local government to implement successful ideas in the village of Kara. We believe that sustainable anti-malaria strategies make the life of Kara residents simpler. 

We do not give long list of things for Kara residents to do, instead we will give list of things not to do. We do not make work for Kara, residents, we make their life better without malaria.

List of Experiments in Queue:

1. Melting plastic bags with Solar Oven - Plastic melts at 266 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Water will not work because boil at to low of temperature.
The small plastic bags stop water flowing, that creates pools of water for mosquito breeding grounds. Presently they are burned, we hope to melt them down to a very compact piece of plastic. With the dream of making this plastic into handles for tools.

2. Buying plastic trash by the pound:
Making it profitable for neighbors to clean up the plastic bags. This is math problem, we need to find out how much money it takes to pay to clean the neighborhood by buying plastic bags.

3. Signs - Burn your trash here, so we can concentrate the trash in one location so easier to burn.

4. Plastic screens for Window and Doors business started, see if profitable. 

Volunteer "We Need Manpower."

1. Mosquito breeding site detection, we need volunteers to collect mosquito larvae, and map out the locations of breeding sites.

2. We need people to install window screens, and screen doors on homes. Free housing provided for two weeks, and we will meet you are Lome, Togo airport.

3. Want to start a Malaria store in Kara, Togo, whereby people can purchase supplies.

Volunteer without Spending a Penny 
"We Need Brainpower"

1. Need a University of laboratory to test medicinces sent to discover whether they are real of fake.

2. Translate "Dub" English Cartoon videos into French: 
Examples: Malarianimby.org

3. Please send photos of 4 poster beds made for mosquito nets; we can have the local woodworker build the various designs.
Example: Hobotraveler.com

4. Please send plans on how to sew "Draft Stopper Snakes," these snakes put at bottom of doors stop mosquitos from entering rooms during night.
Example: Thedailygreen.com

5. We need DIY - Homemade mosquito traps that cost less than 2 dollars, please note the yeast one smells, and they people will not put in bedroom.
Example of trap that does not work, and smells: Youtube.com

6. We want to buy, "Anti-Mosquito Bar Soap."

7. We need clothing designs that are fun, fashionble, that discourage mosquito bites, please remember this is the tropics.

8. Need anti-mosquito plants to grow in Kara:
I suppose I need Marigold Seeds sent:

We the people living in Kara, Togo agree to:

1. Stop throwing water into storm drains, instead throwing it onto dry ground to evaporate, stopping the breeding of mosquito larvae.

2. Grow citronelle plants in front of our homes.

3. Not use insecticides as an insect repellent.

4. Cut down tall grass near homes where mosquitoes hide during the day.

5. Properly dispose of all plastic bags.


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Togo +228 9294 0714 

USA +1 260-624-4414

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