"Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." - Fred Rogers - Mr. Roger's TV Show "> "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." - Fred Rogers - Mr. Roger's TV Show ">

Malaria Not in My Back Yard

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Hello, this is Andy Lee Graham from Orland, Indiana in Togo, West Africa. We will eradicate malaria in one neighborhood of Togo. It is the "Clear and Hold" strategy of warfare. We conquer, clear, and hold neighborhoods one at a time in sequence until all of Africa is eradicated of malaria. This is the strategy used for centuries to stop malaria in USA, and Europe, sadly, malaria workers are ignoring the history of successful eradication in many countries on the planet. "Malaria N.I.M.B.Y." or Malaria, Not In MY Back Yard," We are doing our neighborhood first. Call Andy to help, Togo number is +228-9376-5434 or call USA number +1-260-624-4414, it forward to Africa. Thank you for giving. "Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me." - Fred Rogers - Mr. Roger's TV Show

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Malaria Not in My Back Yard Latest

Malaria Plasmodium Is Neither A Virus Nor A Bacterium It Is A Single Celled Parasite

The problematic confusion is doctors, researchers is they wish to say the malaria parasite is the same as bacteria, or virus, it is small animal.

Volunteer To Start Tax Exempt Corporation To Accept Donations For The Business Of Stopping Malaria

We are starting small subsidized businesses, using the economies of scale, modern tech, starting anti-malaria stores. we need a 501C started.

Volunteer To Help Us Buy Baby Anti Malaria Mosquito Net Tents From China

Volunteer To Help Us Buy Baby Anti Malaria Mosquito Net Tents From China

Hot Homes Is A Root Cause Of Malaria House Designed Cheap, No Applied Science Used

Sleeping under a mosquito net in a home over 80 degrees in temperature is like adding a wool blanket to an already hot person, the house is too hot.

Master Plan To Eliminate Eradicate Malaria In Kara Togo West Africa

Malaria is easy to eliminate and eradication if we learn from history, and the government, community and private sector work together.

Photos Of Kara Togo West Africa

Photos Of Kara Togo West Africa

We Can Stop Asking People To Do More

The Design Council in London, England studies behavioral change, and a great article points out, asking people to do more work normally fails.

Pride In a Job Well Done

Were not in Kansas anymore, and were not over the rainbow where And the dreams that you dare to dream. Really do come true. No were in West Africa.

How to Recycle Single Use Plastic Bags?

how do we make recycling guilt free? Aid workers chastise locals, give the evil eye, missionaries making people promoting guilt, voodoo etc.

Using Jealousy to Change People

Walk outside your door, look around at your neighbors, what is easier to find, we want the answer to be love, but jealousy is on every street corner?

List of Countries Where There Is a Risk of Malaria

Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic are on this list of countries where there is a risk of malaria.

Trash And Garbage Disposal Malaria Problem

Trash And Garbage Disposal Malaria Problem

Root Cause Analysis of Malaria

By finding the root causes of malaria, the money invested in the eradication of malaria in Kara, Togo can be used most effectively.

Helping Malaria Victims Who Do Not Deserve Help

The first step in eradicating malaria in Africa is accepting the people do not want, need, or deserve help.

Percentage Of Under Five Children Sleeping An Insecticide Treated Bed Net In Togo

Female is 38.4 percent and radically higher than male at 2 percent. However, Togo does have a lot of homes with screens on windows, so could be misleading

Causes Of Death Among Children Aged Under 5 Years Of Age In Togo

Causes Of Death Among Children Aged Under 5 Years Of Age In Togo

History of Malaria Eradication Methods

There is a history of successful eradication of malaria to study, that can be duplicated in Kara, Togo.

Change The World

Progress isnt made by early risers. Its made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. Robert A. Heinlein

Paradox That Cultures With Malaria Care About Stopping Malaria The Least

We must fight the war against malaria in Kara with out eyes wide open, fully aware they neither care, want or request our help, we are not appreciated.


Malaria is transmitted among humans by female mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA. CDC.gov

20 Small Business Startups For Malaria Eradication

Over 10 billion dollars is made with malaria related businesses per year, and another 100 billion is left of the table, easy money for business start ups.

T Bar Bed Net Attachment To Hold Mosquito Net

T Bar Bed Net Attachment To Hold Mosquito Net

10 Benefits of Lemongrass or Citronella Tea

C.S. Lewis - You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

George Carlin Would Agree Sustainable Development Makes Me Vomit

Dont you wish people would stop using words we cant understand? We can make this simpler to understand, then why dont we?

Nerds to the Rescue, or Why Theyre Not in Africa

I am here in Kara, Togo, West Africa, waiting for the heroes to show up, for the Knights in Shining Armor, for poetic justice ... but not for nerds.

Mosquitoes Kill More Humans Worldwide in Five Minutes Than Sharks Do in a Year

The Mayo Clinic says that most mosquito bites are harmless. This is cavalier when 1-2 million people die per year. Malaria, West Nile Dengue are killers.

Bug Bagger by Hobo Traveler Sold on Amazon.com

Stop spending money on insecticides. Use a floor fan to bag mosquitoes that entered screened rooms. The Bug Bagger cleans the room.

Making A Diagnosis Person Has Malaria

The standard method of malaria diagnosis has been the microscopic examination of blood, utilizing blood films.

Bill Gates Is an Entrepreneur Saint

Bill Gates said, when speaking at Harvard, I did the best of everyone who failed. And the man it now working on sainthood, and we thank you Bill Gates.

Mosquito Control Of Entry Doors Of Home

Mosquito Control Of Entry Doors Of Home

History of Eradication of Malaria in the USA

History Of Eradication Of Malaria In The Usa

Where Is Kara, Togo? We Have Maps for You

Kara, Togo, is one of my Top 5 places to live on planet. Kara is safe, fun and cultural magic. Here are maps to Kara, Togo, to help you come visit me.

Tennis Racket Style Mosquito Zappers That Electricute Bugs

Tennis Racket Style Mosquito Zappers That Electricute Bugs

Master List of Obstables to Solve for The Elimination Of Malaria In Kara Togo

Listing out the many obstacle that block the people of Kara, Togo from eliminating malaria in the city.

New Jersey Light Trap To Capture Mosquitoes For Research

New Jersey Light Trap To Capture Mosquitoes For Research

Mary and Martha Film About Malaria or Paludisme by HBO

Member can log in, and find the links to where you can watch.

Malaria Symptoms In Children

How to know when a child has malaria? Here are symptoms in children, please help by sending photo to Andy- hoboontheroad - AT yahoo COM.

Comic Books and Cartoon Videos for Malaria Education

Comic books and cartoons make malaria education fun and simple, teaching self-evident information through pictures and a few words.

Larval Source Management

The elemination of Malaria or Paludisme starts with larval source management, to kill the mosquito eggs, the larval in the water before they hatch.

Aspirator to Collect Mosquitoes for Research

Communities want to collect samples of mosquitoes, as best I understand, an aspirator sucks them into a place like a big vacuum.

DDT Used to Stop Malaria or Paludisme

How DDT is used to stop Malaria or Paludisme?

Mosquito Ovicidal Larvicidal - The OLTrap

The Philippines has created DOST mosquito OL (Ovilarvicidal) trap is composed of a black plastic cup, a lawanit paddle, and OL pellets.

Mosquito Trap Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Boric Acid

Homemade Mosquito trap: How to make a DIY mosquito trap using a plastic bottle, fruit scraps, and boric acid. Or cockroach powder, this is poison powder.

Malaria Facts Togo West Africa

This mosquito fact pages copies government, university and other sources, then pasted here for an extremely comprehensive source of mosquito facts.

Mosquito Larvae Trap by Bitebackllc.com Bite Back LLC

Bite Back LLC has a simple 25 USD Mosquito trap, watch the video to learn how it works.

Malaria Field Test Nanomal Smartphone Like Malaria Detection Device

Nanomal smartphone-like malaria detection device to be field tested one year earlier than scheduled. Malaria Field Test.

Malaria Field Test Kit

Malaria Field Test Kit, please help by explaining others in comments.

Appropriate Technology Defined

Appropriate Technology for aid is easy to understand, tangible, and affordable, the locals will adopt it, and the technology will spread.

Babel Breaker Experiment to Solve 2000 African Languages Problem

Babel Breaker is an experiment by Andy Lee Graham to educate people who cannot read, by repeating a message, to breaking the confusion of tongues.

Bats Used To Control Malaria Mosquitoes

Bats Used To Control Malaria Mosquitoes, the word in French is Chauves-souris or maybe Chiropt�¨res,

Bat House Construction to Eat Malaria Bats

How to construct bat houses to allow bats to live close to malaria infest water.

Mosquito Trap Made with Plastic Bottle Sugar Yeast

This homemade DIY mosquito trap has been tested and shown to be inappropriate technology for control of mosquitoes inside homes.

List of Assumptions Axioms and Postulates for Eradication of Malaria

List of assumptions, axioms and postulates for eradication of Malaria.

Malaria Maps

A collection of malaria maps, or carte de paludisme to help you know when you are traveling into a malaria prone country.

Malaria Defined

Malaria Defined WHO fact sheet on malaria providing key facts, definition, information on transmission, symptoms, who is at risk, diagnosis, treatment.

100,000 people live in Kara Togo.

Here is the Master Plan on to eliminate Malaria in Kara

Elimination of Malaria Plan

Mission of Malaria NIMBY

To run experiments in Kara, Togo; testing strategies to stop malaria carrying mosquitoes. When an experiment works, we will work with the local government to implement successful ideas in the village of Kara. We believe that sustainable anti-malaria strategies make the life of Kara residents simpler. 

We do not give long list of things for Kara residents to do, instead we will give list of things not to do. We do not make work for Kara, residents, we make their life better without malaria.

List of Experiments in Queue:

1. Melting plastic bags with Solar Oven - Plastic melts at 266 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Water will not work because boil at to low of temperature.
The small plastic bags stop water flowing, that creates pools of water for mosquito breeding grounds. Presently they are burned, we hope to melt them down to a very compact piece of plastic. With the dream of making this plastic into handles for tools.

2. Buying plastic trash by the pound:
Making it profitable for neighbors to clean up the plastic bags. This is math problem, we need to find out how much money it takes to pay to clean the neighborhood by buying plastic bags.

3. Signs - Burn your trash here, so we can concentrate the trash in one location so easier to burn.

4. Plastic screens for Window and Doors business started, see if profitable. 

Volunteer "We Need Manpower."

1. Mosquito breeding site detection, we need volunteers to collect mosquito larvae, and map out the locations of breeding sites.

2. We need people to install window screens, and screen doors on homes. Free housing provided for two weeks, and we will meet you are Lome, Togo airport.

3. Want to start a Malaria store in Kara, Togo, whereby people can purchase supplies.

Volunteer without Spending a Penny 
"We Need Brainpower"

1. Need a University of laboratory to test medicinces sent to discover whether they are real of fake.

2. Translate "Dub" English Cartoon videos into French: 
Examples: Malarianimby.org

3. Please send photos of 4 poster beds made for mosquito nets; we can have the local woodworker build the various designs.
Example: Hobotraveler.com

4. Please send plans on how to sew "Draft Stopper Snakes," these snakes put at bottom of doors stop mosquitos from entering rooms during night.
Example: Thedailygreen.com

5. We need DIY - Homemade mosquito traps that cost less than 2 dollars, please note the yeast one smells, and they people will not put in bedroom.
Example of trap that does not work, and smells: Youtube.com

6. We want to buy, "Anti-Mosquito Bar Soap."

7. We need clothing designs that are fun, fashionble, that discourage mosquito bites, please remember this is the tropics.

8. Need anti-mosquito plants to grow in Kara:
I suppose I need Marigold Seeds sent:

We the people living in Kara, Togo agree to:

1. Stop throwing water into storm drains, instead throwing it onto dry ground to evaporate, stopping the breeding of mosquito larvae.

2. Grow citronelle plants in front of our homes.

3. Not use insecticides as an insect repellent.

4. Cut down tall grass near homes where mosquitoes hide during the day.

5. Properly dispose of all plastic bags.


Malaria Children

Togo West Africa Map

Contact Andy Lee Graham?

Togo +228 9294 0714 

USA +1 260-624-4414

Leave a message, and I will return your call.

NOTE: Every topic below is a work in progress, if you wish to collaborate then please click on contact above.

Thank you for suggesting solutions.


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